3D TVs To Come By 2010

glassWouldn’t this be something? 3D TVs are going to be in the market by 2010. Sony and Panasonic will be the makers for this, the pioneers although I am pretty sure others will follow suit. While people may enjoy and be excited at the thought of 3D TVs in their homes, I never had the pure fascination when watching movies in 3D using 3D glasses.

The images still look blurry to me and I kind of feel dizzy when looking at the screen. If the glasses are totally different than the glasses used in 4D attractions in theme parks, then I think I may buy one myself considering I am a heavy fan of CGI type movies.

Problems facing for now are that data sent will be huge and bandwidth might get bogged down because of the huge data streamed. ESPN is testing it now on some of its telecast games. While first products are not always flawless, I am sure that 3D TV will have a huge impact.

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