September 2009 Pagerank Update

Yep. There was an update alright. But it is not this blog but one of my other blogs. I was surprised and happy at the same time that to see my page rank went back to 3 from 0. I did a page rank consideration request a few weeks ago so it was pretty good timing that it got processed during the update.

It is kind of disappointing though that if you request for a consideration, you would have to wait how many months till the next page rank update happens. I thought if you do a request and your site is seen fit for consideration, it would be processed right away. But no, it does not seem to work that way. If you request now, you will have to wait for the next page rank update which may happen 3 months from now, or who knows, by December.

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  1. what the … i finally got back my pagerank then after a few days it went back to zero??? that blog’s clean of paid links. google’s freakin’ playing with sites.

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