A Bug’s Defense For iTouch

bugI have always been a fan of tower defense games ever since I first played one for the iTouch. A Bug’s Defense is no different. Even though it offers the same kind of game play as the rest, I really do not mind playing them because it is the need for more maps that I crave and if I get to finish any tower defense kind of game, I look for another one.

This game by Celestial Digital Entertainment Limited features good cartoonic graphics, great sound effects and absolutely fun game play. Use weapons like honey gun, insecticide or anti-bug laser gun to terminate the insects. If all else fails, this game provides a unique feature that lets you still be able to terminate the bugs by tapping on them or using Lucy’s slippers.


Destroy more bugs and earn money in exchange. This way, you can upgrade your weaponry to have more firepower. Remember, the bugs come in waves so place your weapons strategically. Lucy also has a tolerance bar (which acts as the game over bar), that when empty makes the game over. You do not get to take Lucy out on a date because of that.

The game is fun! Any tower defense game that has good graphics and sounds is a good game to me.

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