G For iTouch

gSounds weird for a game right? Well, I found it weird when I first found out about it. G does not say much. If it was a name then I could have at least gotten an idea right away what it may be about. After checking out the game, it seems to be alright though not the type of game that I really am into.

Created by Soma Games, it received an award for Best iPhone Game’ CGDC 2009. Stunning hand painted art, eerily atmospheric music and a unique storyline make the game more than it is. The game brings you to a world where corporate intrigue and competing mercenaries all vie for their share of the unknown promise of The Rain; blessing or curse, its arrival changes human history for ever…and you will play a part.


I know this game is hard to make. It ain’t easy applying physics stuffs in here. The stunning graphics appealed to me more than the game play itself. Though not half bad, I would say G is ok.

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