hbBacking up data has become a common practice among computer users. Why? Why not. You would not want your sensitive and important data to be lost in case your computer or laptop crashes right? I do not believe in undelete softwares either. I have never had good experiences with them. They may be good for small text files but large binary files like movies? Nah uh. Totally ineffective. What you can need is a backup software.

While backup softwares also come with data recovery features, I prefer the more sure way of keeping data safe, backing them up. There are lots of backup softwares out in the internet these days, what I wanted was a cost effective solution that performs what I wanted in the most effective way. I suggest you download Handy Backup as this is the one I used and worked seamlessly. Very easy to use.

Handy Backup is known for both being the most cost-effective software program as well as one of the most effective. If you are in search for the quality backup and data recovery software, then you must settle for the best program. For home and small businesses, they have offered some advanced professional programs which are designed to manage backups of some delicate, high-end software and settings

Simple and effective data backup at its best. Check out and try using Handy Backup for starters. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to use. Just a few clicks and it will do the rest.

wordpressSometimes, you may not know it, but the more plugins you activate, the more that sooner or later one of those plugin may give you a Fatal Error: Allowed memory Size problem.

The solution to fixing this error depends on which file you have access to.

  • If you have access to the file wp-config.php, increase the allocated memory by adding this line define(’WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’);
  • If you access to a .htaccess file of your domain, add this line php_value memory_limit 64M

Selecting a JComboBox item programmatically is pretty simple. Call either setSelectedIndex() or setSelectedItem() and that’s it. Problem is though, if you added an ItemListener to the JComboBox object, every time you do a select programmatically, the ItemStateChanged event method also gets affected.

Calling those two select methods from a JComboBox object is the most prone thing that developers do. However, if you do not want the ItemStateChanged method to be affected when you select an item programmatically, you can create a dummy variable inside the ItemStateChanged method so that it would not get affected. Sad to say, that is the alternative aside from adding and removing the ItemListener.

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