My First Problem With Snow Leopard

batteryYou know, after installing Snow Leopard in my MacBook I was pretty happy with the results at first … The upgrade cleared quite a lot of free space plus the bootup is pretty fast. I was impressed because I think that the speed is better than in Leopard. There is just one huge problem though. My battery runs out of power pretty fast. Even though it is not yet almost 0%, it sometimes turns itself off because the power ran out. So weird! Plus the message displayed to you regarding the battery info would be Condition: Replace Soon.

This is a known glitch and it is a pretty big glitch to me. Apple said they are doing a fix for this but the wait seems to irk me a bit. Who knows, it might ruin my battery because of it. It is not like Apply will replace it right? The warranty had expired already so poor me if this keeps up. I hope they will release a fix soon. I thought Snow Leopard is great but I am keeping my positive feedbacks for now until they fix this problem.

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