Android Phones Hit The Market

google_phoneAfter much anticipation, mobile phones powered by Google Android have now hit the market. U.S. wireless operators are in on the Google Android. T-Mobile USA has been the only U.S. wireless operator to offer Android devices but others will follow suit soon like Motorola and Samsung when their new mobile models, Cliq and Bold II will be out in the market as well.

It is good to have another variant other than Mac OS being in iPhones. I am not saying iPhones suck. They do not. In fact, I enjoy it because of the games but it is always good to have some other competition. That would mean more games as well, right? I tried out Android when it was still in its infant stage and I must say I was impressed that they integrated Google Maps within Android and is one of the core features.

Some of you may have seen the first mobile phone released by T-Mobile before, the HTC. But now that it is on full scale launching, I am looking forward to see a variety of games that will be in store for Android. Oh yeah, these applications are available in the Google Android Market, similar to Apple’s App Store.

Photo courtesy of T-Mobile.

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