Windows 7 To Launch

windows7Come October 22, Microsoft will be launching its latest operating system dubbed Windows 7. It promises to be better than Vista. It should. After all, Vista sucks. I reverted back to Windows XP after finding out it consumes too much memory and the user interface is too complicated. It was totally the opposite of what Microsoft is to begin with : easy user interface.

With Windows 7, Microsoft is going back to basics. I think they won’t advertise too on the extravagant side this time. They did it with Vista and look what happened? That product was a bust. I am sure though that Windows 7 will have good features coming. Unless Microsoft wants Apple to catch up to them again, right?

Let us see what happens … I am eager to try out Windows 7 myself. If it is true that it runs faster … good. Because Apple’s Snow Leopard is really fast, compared to Leopard and if Windows 7 will still be slow, Apple may catch up pretty soon.

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