Bing Twitter? Twitter Bing?

tb Here’s an interesting article between Bing and Twitter.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine to compete with Google has reached an agreement to crawl all of Twitter’s public results in real time. Bing’s Twitter search located at is already live. For Microsoft, latching onto Twitter’s rise is more than just a big marketing win; it’s also a technological victory. Twitter is a huge, previously untapped resource in the movement toward search that relies on real-time data rather than archived links.

Bing-Twitter search also allows users to separate the most popular embedded links from the tweets that surround them, allowing people to understand the source of a conversation without having to endure the din surrounding it. Bing-Twitter also expands a tweet’s bit url and shows users the real domain, creating greater transparency before you click. In short, Bing makes Twitter make sense.

What this means for Twitter, which has been answering questions about possible revenue streams almost since its founding, is still unknown. Microsoft refused to announce any terms of the deal, and Twitter CEO Evan Williams was similarly mum. But for Microsoft, it is another territorial advance in what’s shaping up to be a very interesting search war.

From the Time article.

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