Farewell GeoCities

Vintage web hosting, GeoCities is closing its curtains serving its members. I just read about this in CNN’s website today and knew just now that it is owned by Yahoo!. It is not surprising though that it is calling it quits after getting few visits now considering GeoCities has lots of flashing banner ads and questionable color schemes which I find annoying I never really bothered trying it even once.

Still, it is kinda sad that a pioneer is closing. GeoCities was well known for hosting websites and letting people create webpages. “RIP GeoCities” was even a trending topic on Twitter, where one user summed up his feelings in a sub-140-word blast. “If you’re making fun of GeoCities dying,” he wrote, “you’re too young to understand”. I guess I agree with him on that. GeoCities did have its good points. In my case, only the popups was its bad trait.

Rest in peace, GeoCities…

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