Hide Unhide Nodes Of JTree

jtreeI have read a number of articles that featured source codes from forums and sites on how to show or hide nodes of a JTree. The easiest code that I found that was easy to understand and use are source files labeled InvisibleNode.java and InvisibleTreeModel.java.

You can easily search that in Google to get those files. The result that I wanted to accomplish was to show only 2 checkbox leaf nodes at most if the last leaf node of the parent node has a button labeled HIDE and is clicked. I know it is hard to visualize so I included a snapshot of my JTree.

My JTree‘s parent nodes contain leaf nodes that have checkboxes and a button at the end of each parent node if there consists more than 2 checkbox leaf nodes per parent node. By default the button is labeled HIDE. If I click on it, it will show only 2 checkboxes while hiding the rest (except the button) and the button’s label will change to SHOW. If I click on the button again, it will all all sibling leaf nodes.

Those two Java source files easily did the trick in hiding and showing tree nodes.

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