Real-time Searching Evolution

leapfishLeapFish announced plans to unveil a new multimedia and real-time search, communication and sharing platform. This search engine will enhance the way people both search and share information on the Web today.

So what exactly is LeapFish’s real time search? Traditional searching involves typing in keywords and pressing a button to send the HTTP requests to search. With real-time searching, instantaneous search results are displayed as you type. There is no more need for you to use a mouse to click on the search button.

Because LeapFish is a search aggregator, results provided by search engines can be displayed in front of you right away. You save time and bandwidth in the process. No need to go to each portal’s site to search. Just type in the keyword and as you type along, search results get displayed. is conducting private demos prior to the highly anticipated launch, if interested please email The slots are limited so not everybody can get a first hand look on what LeapFish has to offer. Email them up if you want to be a part of it and be among the first to experience real-time searching.

The way this technology works, I think it can greatly contribute to search engine evolution.


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