Handy Backup Licenses For Sale

handybackup-professionalIf you are looking for an effective backup software for units run by Windows operating system, I am selling two professional licenses for the Handy Backup software. Each license for the professional version costs $89 ($10 off from its original price) so let me know if you are interested.

The new version also caters to Windows 7, which was just released by Microsoft late last month. The licenses are lifetime. Once you register it with the Handy Backup software, any new version will only require an update.

  • Disk image backup. This function creates complete hard disk drive backup including the operating system, all applications and settings, so the system backup can be quickly restored after a failure.
  • Secure backup transferring In addition to backing up to DVD/CD, LAN and FTP, the utility can back up to SFTP servers.
  • Database backup. The application allows you to back up database tables without stopping the service (hot database backup), using ODBC connectivity.
  • Backup options. You can enable automatic backup encryption and compression, to make all backup procedures comply with your company’s security and data handling requirements.
  • Task-based interface. All backup, restore and data synchronization tasks can be scheduled and configured to run as Windows service, which makes all backups unnoticeable and not interfering with the work.

Check out the site http://www.handybackup.net to know its other features.

If interested, please leave a comment in this post. Thanks!

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