Firefox Passes IE6 In Browser Share

firefox_eat_ieWait! Don’t get your hopes up. If you read the title post carefully, it is IE6 not IE. While Internet Explorer remains ahead of the rest of the competition, month after month it continues to lose ground to all other browsers as Firefox finally surpassed IE6, perhaps the most hated version of Microsoft’s browser.

While I have lost fondness with Firefox after Chrome was released, I still pick it over Internet Explorer. That browser is just ghastly. Plus, this cross browser issue always pisses me off which makes me hate IE more ha ha. Well, so long IE6 … Even though Windows 7 was just released, I don’t think it can maintain its standing in the browser popularity that long. Google Chrome’s pretty strong even though there has not been any new updates (and I have been waiting for a Mac OS Version since).

Let us see what will happen in the coming months …

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