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dashboardFinally! Google has released a way for people to know what information Google had collected from them. Called Dashboard, it also lets users control what information can be or cannot be kept. The service provides an online summary of a user’s Google files like Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa photos, YouTube and all related Google products by collecting pre-existing privacy controls in one place.

Dashboard users can review and delete recent Google searches, see recently opened and shared documents and survey their interactions with other Google-powered sites such as YouTube. If you are no techie, you will not have the faintest idea that as you surf the web, Google actually collects information, data that it deems will be used beneficially for its other services.

The issue of privacy always comes up but I guess this is a step in the right direction. What do you think?

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  1. Got on your website directly from Google Search. In terms of size and popularity? Google is the #1 site in the entire world. There is no site, search engine or not, that has a bigger audience.A more interesting question would be which new/old search engine will be the first to beat the quality of googles SERPs. Google’s approach is minimalism and simplicity, which is basically the complete opposite of Bing. If the public decides that simple is best then I am sure they will stick with Google for a long time.

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