Backup Your DVDs The Reliable Way

dvd_rangerEver since that Linux kid shared his source code to copy DVDs to the whole world, there have been many software applications available that can do DVD backups on any device. But which one is the right software for you? Let me share you which software has caught my attention.

I recently tried dvd-ranger and this software basically did what I wanted to do, backup DVDs. With the emerging popularity of Blu-Ray, DVD ranger even supports this format. What I most like about this software is that you can copy DVD to a DVD9 or shrink the whole DVD to a DVD5. It also has ISO support which lets you either create, burn or backup. Another good feature is the ability for you to backup just the main movie and avoid the extras and miscellaneous stuffs.

DVD Ranger’s creator, Pixbyte Development has more than eight years of experience in delivering high quality copying applications. I will not talk much about the technical aspects but there is one thing I can tell you. Using the software is relatively easy. The user interface was designed to allow even the novice of users to use the software with ease. With these great features plus an affordable price package, DVD Ranger is a good software to use for backing up your DVD movies.


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