If Programming Languages Were Real Persons: Charlie C


Written by Kerasiotis Vasileios. What if programming languages were real persons like you and me? What if they were parts of families and had relations and affairs? Have you ever thought of going to a supermarket and Visual Basic was the young woman waiting in the line in front of you?

Charlie C is a 70 years old man that knows a lot. Perhaps too proud to reveal what he knows and sometimes too cryptic. He is a very strict person that follows his way of doing things and nothing seems possible to change his mind. In the past he was known as one of the strictest teachers in the Devel City university.

C can make you happy or disappoint you so much that, you want go for one of his sons or daughters. It
depends on how much you try to learn his ways. The more you try the more he gives you.

C has been the main builder behind large projects like the Linuxious stadium and other large scaled buildings that we all use. He still works as a freelancer engineer and has involved in many other projects. Even at his age and with a lot of competition mainly from his son C++, C is still the choice of many companies to do
things in Devel City.

C has 3 daughters :

  • Perl
  • Java and
  • C#

and one son, C++.

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