Night Vision Just Keeps Getting Better And Better

eyeclopsTechnology has evolved in so many ways that existing gadgets just keep getting better and better. This no different with the EyeClops Night Vision v2.0 which can be used for people ages 8 and above. It is one of the top kids toys for Christmas.

The features have been upgraded. Now you can see absolute darkness up to fifty feet! This can be especially fun for combat games. You can see them, but they cannot see you because of invisible infrared illumination. Your enemy will be at a total disadvantage at night.

The EyeClops features Real Night Vision Technology and comes packaged with 1 stealth binoculars and an instruction booklet on how to use and maximize it. The binoculars come with either a military or spy display mode, focal adjustment, action detailing, form-fitting performance visor, long range mode for recon missions and stealth mode for close range areas. Oh yeah, you also need batteries to activate it, else it would be just like an ordinary binoculars which you cannot use in total darkness.

The Eyeclops also comes as a mini projector that fits on your palm. Pretty small and pretty slick! With the EyeClops Mini Projector, you can project all your media like video games, movies, TV, photos and others on a screen up to 60″ whether indoors and out! Imagine the big screen right in the palm of your hand.

Christmas is fast approaching and there are so many things that people can buy as gifts for the kids. So many things that most of the time it will take a long time to decide which one is the best. I will save you the hassle in looking for one. The Eyeclops Night Vision v2.0 Goggles is the best Christmas toy for kids for the Holidays. Special offers are available for Eyeclops Goggles so you can save more and buy the best Christmas gift for 2009 for the kids.

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