If Programming Languages Were Real Persons: Bianca Java

biancajavaWritten by Kerasiotis Vasileios. What if programming languages were real persons like you and me? What if they were parts of families and had relations and affairs? Have you ever thought of going to a supermarket and Visual Basic was the young woman waiting in the line in front of you?

Java is a 35 years old sexy young woman and a mother also. Being so young and mature, Java is one of the most popular women in Devel City. She is very adoptable and can work everywhere. Her name comes as a feature in many projects and a lot of companies want their projects to carry her “Java powered” signature of quality.

Being C++’s sister, does not stop Java to be one of the biggest competitors of her brother. As a woman, Java is clean and manages to keep garbage out of her place, clean and clear. She works at JVM, a company specialized in ports creation.

Java loves sun. Each summer is Java’s favorite season and she loves playing with Duke in the beach.
Java has created her own legacy, just like her father did and has 2 daughters that promise to be as competitive as she is. Her daughters also work at JVM and stand out from the crowd of talented persons in Devel City. Their names are:

  • Groovy and
  • Scala
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