If Programming Languages Were Real Persons: Pierson PHP

piersonphpWritten by Kerasiotis Vasileios. What if programming languages were real persons like you and me? What if they were parts of families and had relations and affairs? Have you ever thought of going to a supermarket and Visual Basic was the young woman waiting in the line in front of you?

PHP is 29 years old and Java’s bitter friend. PHP runs her own company in Devel City called Zendix and has become one of the worlds well known ladies because of her easy way of doing things, her adoption of new technologies and a large fun club that make her desirable and efficient.

PHP was a student of C, Java’s father and used to work with Perl where she got her expressive character and power. Being a very beautiful woman, PHP has a lot of admirers that range from newcomers to Devel city, to old residents. She might seem easy but she needs a lot of attention to master her ways.

Sometimes her affairs are too strong and sometimes people seem to glance at Java and Ruby which makes her trying to add some of Java’s charm into her character. This, makes a lot of people say that PHP tries to become Java in some way.

Recently, PHP was voted as the 3rd most popular person in Devel’s city Object’s awards.

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