Apple Expels 1,000 Apps After Store Scam

appstoreApple has sent a clear message to any developers who try to game its iTunes App Store. Software developer Molinker has been kicked out, along with more than 1,000 of its iPhone applications. The Chinese developer had, according to some estimates, 1,000-plus applications in the store, most of which were copycat knockoffs of existing applications.

Scratch one developer. I wonder if the same developer who created that expensive app worth almost a thousand bucks that does nothing else but glow a red gem will have the same fate. I remember pretty well when the iTouch was still new that there were already 8 customers who purchased that useless app. That meant like almost $8,000 bucks.

Guess Apple is showing that it wants to protect the integrity of its AppStore. Poor were the people who bought Molinker’s apps.

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