Windows 7 Complaints Rolling In

windows7So it was too good to be true but a lot of users have voiced their complaints mostly when they upgraded to Windows 7. Users who had a fresh clean install of the said operating system did not report that much problems. I know, I know. There is no perfect system. Still, people who want to upgrade from Vista may have to reformat their systems to have Windows 7 installed from scratch to avoid problems.

It was said that most of the problems that customers have with Windows 7 have to do with installation or application and data migration. Can’t blame people if they complain. After all, Windows is the most used operating system in the world so the number of complaints would surely be plentiful.

Would probably try Windows 7 after some months of noted stability. I am using Mac’s Snow Leopard so I barely used Windows unless I want to use it for .NET purposes. What about you? Has anyone installed Windows 7 in their system? Did you encounter any problems while using it? Share your problems by commenting in this post.

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