Google Pagerank Update 2010

googleAnd just like last new year, Google had done the same this year. Anyone noticed changes in their pageranks? If none, then good. It is better to get the same pagerank than getting a zero right? If you did get an increase, then great. Otherwise, you should be thankful your pagerank is the same. Others had no luck. They either got zero or no pagerank available messages.

Most of my blogs remained the same, though two of them got demoted by 1. I do not know why, it is just weird since even one of the blog that got demoted was clean. As I had said before, their algorithms need some tweaking, just like how they detect fraud in their Google AdSense system (which is just flawed).

Well, anyway, no problem with my blogs. I am perfectly happy having most of them all at pagerank 3. What about you? Was your blog affected? Did you get any pagerank update?

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  1. My Pagerank went from 0 to 2 on my blog but on my site it stayed the same. The odd thing I noticed on my main site was many of my pages, including my index page still have the same pagerank but are no longer cached. This could be a problem although I also have more traffic even though the pages are no longer cached. Anyone else notice anything similar?

  2. Cheers friends,

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  3. I have started my own phpLD directory and have found this advice very useful. I find that S.E.O friendly directories are the best to submit sites to. Also alot of people have said that no-follow links have no value… While this may be true in terms of getting link juice back to your site it doesn’t neccessarily mean a person’s site won’t get any traffic. In saying that, my directory is dofollow :).

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