Online Dating Website Expels Fatties

bpAfter reading this article in CNN, I said to myself, WOW! I did not know there was a site that existed such as this one until after reading it. The site, is a dating site that markets itself as an elite community for beautiful people with a “strict ban on ugly people”.

It recently axed about hundreds of members for packing on the pounds during the holiday season. Seems like all the members there would treat their lives as models: keep fit, stay in shape. Just like ramp models, your worth would diminish if you gain weight. Man, even after profiles were sent back to review status (to be accepted back or not), people really wanted to still becomes members with the site.

I guess the allure of being sure that you only get to meet attractive people online is what keeps driving the members to be fit and stay beautiful in order not to have their profiles axed.

Check out CNN’s article about it. One commenter posted a comment that I found funny.

IsNot I tend to agree with your view. I find it hard to believe they have that many members that are really that “hot”. Like “keraunoscopi” said below, it looks like a great place for people who are good with Photoshop.


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