Google Chrome For Mac OS, Finally!

chromeI know it is late for an announcement. But it is Google’s fault that they did not email me about it. I only knew that the Google Chrome browser was out for Mac OS when I read an article in CNN today. And it had been out since last month. Can you believe that?! And they even had an option to subscribe to be alerted in case the browser version for Mac OS gets out.

Well, anyway. Better late than never. And I can finally download and install it in my Macbook. I recently upgraded my FireFox browser to version 3 even though I do not like it because the older version kept crashing under Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Here is hoping Chrome won’t have the same side effects because I really hate seeing crash errors in Mac OS (which by the way is a rarity until Snow Leopard came out and not all the applications were issue-free).

Has anyone used it? How is the speed and performance? Is it the same as in Windows? Share your experiences.

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