Loving Google Chrome For Mac OS

google_chromeSo far, I have been loving Google Chrome for Mac OS. Why? For one thing, it loads pretty fast when I open the application. Second, it loads websites faster compared to FireFox. Plus, FireFox is pretty loaded and heavy so it takes some time to load everything up. This does not mean that Chrome is the opposite. While it still lacks quite a number of features, I prefer to use Chrome than FireFox.

Some say FireFox is more stable than Chrome. Well, maybe. Even though they are both beta, Chrome was just released compared to the many years since FireFox debuted. And in Mac OS, Chrome just got out last month and I have been loving the performance. From a developer’s point of view, there are many things that Chrome still lacks like Javascript issues.

Still, for non developers all they care is to be able to surf. And Chrome is just the best for me. As to when Chrome will incorporate more features, only Google knows. But for now, I am pretty happy using Google Chrome than all those other browsers, Mac OS or not.

On a side note, Chrome for Mac OS is faster than its Windows version. Go Mac OS!

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