What Is CES?

boxeeIf you had recently checked CNN the past few days, you may have noticed CES being mentioned in the technology category. And for good reason. The CES or Consume Electronics Show is like a Super Bowl, Disney World and New York Fashion Week all rolled into one just for the techies who flock to Las Vegas to see the newest gadgets from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Did you know that technologies like HDTV or Blu-ray were launched at CES and some of them even won. I just found out that Eye-Fi was also a winner before and when I read about it, I was not surprised. That product is one of the most impressive for me. Really takes hassles off of you.

Sponsored by trade group the Consumer Electronics Association, the show was started in 1967 in New York.
In that time, everything from the Atari game “Pong,” which debuted in 1975, to the Camcorder, in 1981, has been rolled out at the show.

This year’s event produced a winner that mixes web content downloaded from the internet into your TV, called the Boxee Box. It is events such as this that helps in giving people goals and ambitions in maximizing the power of technology and making full use of people’s capabilities to create great inventions

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