StarCraft II Beta Coming Soon

Yes! Starcraft fans listen up! Blizzard may already be handing out keys to the highly-anticipated StarCraft II Beta.

Various StarCraft II websites are reporting to have received official Blizzard notices in regards to the upcoming beta. This post announces that The War Center actually received keys along with a message from Blizzard, giving an indication that the company may launch the beta soon. Unfortunately, there’s no official launch date provided in the notice, however Blizzard is requesting that websites provide the information of five members by 5PM PST, January 28.

This is one of the games that I am anticipating (the other one is Diablo 3). My interest in desktop games had waned over the years but once this game comes out and the Diablo one, it is back to gaming for me ;). This game is just awesome! So many new units, structures, features and a new storyline highlight the next Starcraft game.

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