10 Things Missing From The iPad

After reading through CNN’s article about 10 things missing from the iPad, I was totally disappointed but not surprised. After all, it is Apple’s way of bamboozling consumers for more money by restricting standard features in gadgets and forcing people to buy some of them as extra accessories.

The iPad does not have any USB port. That sucks. Now how can we transfer files to and fro?

No video camera, no stills camera, and no webcam. The first two will likely never make it into a future iPad, but the lack of a webcam is just plain weird.

Flash is not supported. Apple probably hates it so much that it has restricted the iPad from supporting it. Part of the reason is its being a hungry resource hogger, hence the quick battery drain.

No multitasking. Just like the iPhone or iTouch. Sucks.

There are 6 other features lacking from the iPad that are not mentioned in this post. I did not bother mentioning them since for me they do not really matter. These 4 features that I mentioned though should have been incorporated to the iPad. Who knows, maybe the next version of iPad will support them as is the usual Apple ploy. People will then be tempted to buy the newer models.

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