The London-based creators of a new and buzzworthy site called CodeOrgan created a neat feature that converts web code into music. See what kind of music the site will generate for you. Just enter the URL of your site, wait for it to finish processing and play the music generated.

You can even share your music to Facebook and Twitter. This blog site did not have good music though. I think it was boring ha ha ha! You should try it out and listen what music your site will get. Check it out!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ARCserve. All opinions are 100% mine.

The only way you can recover data is by backing it up. I do not believe in undelete programs because they can never be trusted. Well, maybe for text files but I have never had luck with huge binary files. Backing up data and recovering lost ones is pretty easy when you use a software like ARCServe.

No kidding! I tried the program and did a sample backup and data recovery and the results were good. I got back my movie file.

ARCServe is more than just backup. When you subscribe to them, you get these features and more:

  • Built-in Data Deduplication
  • Protection for Virtualized Servers
  • Dashboard with Storage Resource Management (SRM)
  • Centralized Management and Administration
  • Advanced Backup and Restore
  • Flexible High-Performance Backup
  • Efficient Backup Processes
  • extensive data reporting

Protect your critical information assets and keep your business going with ARCServe. Download a free trial which will be good for a month from the day of installation and see how effective ARCServe’s data recovery is. And the best thing about this software? It is very easy to use. I was pretty impressed with that.

So what makes ARCServe stand out from the rest of its competitors? You should check out the list of their awards and accolades, then you will be convinced that this software is not just any ordinary one.

A few clicks in the program and backing up or recovering your data is as easy as 1-2-3. Use the free trial download now!

Visit my sponsor: ARCserve

By graduations and funerals, this refers to the GMail Labs features inside GMail. You know, those features which the company refers to as a testing ground for experimental features that are not quite ready for prime time. Some engineers create such features to solve personal email challenges.

One good news is that they graduated a feature that letspeople categorize email with a full color palette. At least then we will not be limited with a few colors. Google will keep Gmail functions with the following names: search autocomplete; forgotten attachment detector; YouTube previews; custom label colors; and vacation dates, which sets up away-from-e-mail messages to coincide with trips.

The search engine killed these Gmail features: muzzle, which hid away messages from online friends; fixed width font; e-mail addict, which let users force themselves to take a break; location in signature; and random signature.

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