And Then There’s Google Buzz

Google plunged into the world of social networking on Tuesday, melding pieces of Facebook and Twitter into a new feature, Google Buzz. Buzz, which will work through the popular Gmail service, will allow users to post status updates, photos and links to members of their network as well as pull in their activity on other sites like Twitter, Flickr and Picasa.

By letting users post photos, links and updates openly, the tool would mimic Twitter’s micro-blogging format. But users also will be able to make their content available to “friends only,” more closely following the Facebook model.

Google Buzz will automatically make “friends” out of the people a user e-mails or chats with the most on Gmail. Comments on posts will appear in real time and comments by other users will be weighted, similar to how Google’s search engine weighs results, to “collapse bad buzz and recommend the good buzz”.

Buzz also will have a mobile component, operating on most major wireless operating systems with features that include voice-recognition posting and a GPS-enabled ability to attach the user’s location to posts. The Web-based mobile application, which can be used by iPhones despite not going through Apple’s online store, can also be set to pick up posts to Buzz being made near the user’s location. News from CNN.

In two days, it will be available to the public. You will be able to see another menu item on the left side of your GMail account with the word Buzz, mixed with other links like Inbox, Sent Mails and others.

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