Google Chrome Mac OS Needs Some Fixing Pronto!

I had been using Google Chrome for Mac OS ever since it came out. Knowing it is just new, there are bound to be bugs here and there. There is one annoying bug that keeps hounding me and it happens in my WordPress blogs. I am not sure if it is related to Javascript or not but I am guessing it is not since sometimes when I press the Enter key to go to the next line, Chrome just crashes all of a sudden.

While the application still lacks some parts Javascript support, I am quite annoyed that I had to switch to Firefox in order to do something in my WordPress blogs. Tsk. Chrome is good, but severe bugs like this one that can cause annoying crashes should have been tested thoroughly.

I still use Chrome for my web tasks but it seems likely that I would have to be forced to use Firefox to even create a new post in my WordPress blogs. And no, I ain’t going to use Safari. 😛

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