Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Series

Seems Microsoft is making a comeback in the mobile industry. I just need the news in CNN and it mentions about a new operating system running Windows 7 for mobile phones. This move is a clear sign they are trying to get back into the mobile industry.

This may not look easy. Apple’s iPhone has already come out strong plus we have the ever consistent Blackberry. Even Google’s Android can be considered a serious rival in time. These mobile phones will have a new feature: tile based user interface and will include live access to Facebook, plus its own offerings X-Box Live for gaming and Zune for music and photos. Its search engine Bing is also included.

The phones will be available on multiple networks, including T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, as well as international carriers such as Telefonica, Vodafone, SFR, Telestra and Telecom. Carriers will be able to enable their own innovations, software and services to work with the Windows operating system.

Unlike Google’s Android, which is open source and available to manufactures for free, Microsoft requires handset makers to purchase licenses just like Apple. That discouraged me to study Objective C and try making an iPhone application of my own.

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