The Hassle Way To File Your Taxes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of eSmart Tax. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now, here is some good news for taxpayers and I will get right to the point! eSmart Tax has given us taxpayers a service to file our taxes online. Filing taxes is really a hassle especially if you cram on it. And I can never forget the stress that comes with it as well. eSmart Tax allows me to file my papers quicker than the traditional way thus enabling me to get my returns faster.

They also have a nifty feature where I can access my previous eSmart tax returns. Really, there are cases where knowing about your past returns is really useful. In my case, it is comparing tax years to reduce my liability and boost my refund. All these at very affordable packages.

I would recommend you start off with their basic package. You can already do the most basic of things when filing taxes with that. And with the basic package, you file for free. The other packages do include features not found in the basic so you should check out the details in the site to see which package fits your needs and preferences.

If you are a Johnson, here is another good news! Johnsons file free with the same $9.95 Deluxe package offered by eSmart Tax. My friend was pretty happy when I told him about this. He teased me that there are perks for being a Johnson. Lucky guy. I wonder if they will create a site for Jacksons seeing as how that family name is also popular in the country.
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  1. A flat tax of 11% of ALL Americans would bring in more money to the government that they are bringing in today – but of course we would tick off a ton of liberals who now reside in their parents’ basements. But at this point if something is not done to reign in spending and taxes we will all be living there.

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