The Intrigue Of Chat Roulette

Here is one new site that seems pretty controversial. Chatroulette is a simple site that, with every click lands you in a face to face video conversation with a random stranger. Yes stranger. So, it could be a guy or a girl. The setup is simple: Activate your webcam and click “play.” Then, as people from all over the world pop up one at a time in a box on your screen, you decide whether or not to chat with them. If you don’t like the looks of things, click “next” and the site shuffles you to someone new.

If you have kids, you should block this one or else they might see things not suitable for their eyes. Majority of the users here are men and who knows what your kids would be seeing once they click next (I won’t be specific but you know what I mean). While the site does get a very high amount of traffic, I wonder how this site will survive without any business plan.

Advertisements? Surely advertisers wouldn’t want to show their ads beside a video of a guy doing something bad :P. There are quite a number of those in Chat Roulette. You’d be lucky if you see some wild girl showing herself naked to the world. But yeah, as I said, lucky. Most users are men so if you are the patient type, just click on next next next until you see a girl. But that is, if she won’t click next on you as well ;).

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  1. Sehr Guter Bericht, kann es euch bloss empfehlen ihn aufmerksam zu lesen! Ich werde auch schon bald mit dem bloggen loslegen rund um Geld schnell verdienen.


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