GMail Holds ‘Graduations’ And ‘Funerals’

By graduations and funerals, this refers to the GMail Labs features inside GMail. You know, those features which the company refers to as a testing ground for experimental features that are not quite ready for prime time. Some engineers create such features to solve personal email challenges.

One good news is that they graduated a feature that letspeople categorize email with a full color palette. At least then we will not be limited with a few colors. Google will keep Gmail functions with the following names: search autocomplete; forgotten attachment detector; YouTube previews; custom label colors; and vacation dates, which sets up away-from-e-mail messages to coincide with trips.

The search engine killed these Gmail features: muzzle, which hid away messages from online friends; fixed width font; e-mail addict, which let users force themselves to take a break; location in signature; and random signature.

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