Goodbye Hummer

General Motors’ deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese automaker fell through Wednesday and the company said it now plans to shut down the brand. Goodbye Hummer!

The large SUV brand is based on the Humvee military vehicle. It was always a niche vehicle but its image and sales were hit particularly hard by rising gasoline prices earlier this decade. Lately, they have been able to sell only a few Hummer units so that made its situation worse.

Hummer is the third brand that GM is being forced to shut down as part of its bankruptcy reorganization last year. A deal to sell Saturn fell through and GM is also closing the Pontiac brand, which it never attempted to sell.

I was lucky enough to get inside a Hummer vehicle in 2007 when I was in Disney MGM theme park and have a photo taken. Too bad though that GM is bidding farewell to this brand.

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