Why Do Ink Cartridges Cost So Much?

Beats me. Even I have no answer to that. I guess the only answers we can find is if we ask the printer makers themselves. But I am guessing it may boil to one thing. Profit. Like, consumers do not have a choice. But these days, instead of them ripping of customers like me, I have seen stalls in malls that offer ink cartridge refills at even half the cost. Now that is good news. And now, it is the printer makers who are getting ripped off because no one would buy their ink cartridges anymore.

Why bother buying a brand new cartridge when you can have it refilled for a lower cost, right? The quality of printing is still the same. Online, there are shops that offer the same ink cartridges alternatives up to 75% less. The difference is the brand and name like these lexmark ink cartridges.

Printers are part of people’s computing lives. Each printer for example lexmark, has its own lexmark cartridges physical structure which, if none of these refill shops exist in retail or in the internet, would give consumers a very hard time. Check out this lexmark ink at lower the cost.

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  1. Just wanted to share some history about ink cartridges. Apparently, the Chinese have been using ink dating back to 12th century B.C.. The first type of modern ink was then popularly used in Europe sometime in 1952. Lastly, Johannes Gutenberg created the first printing press. Thanks to his printing press, we now have our modern printers to help us work efficiently.

  2. Interesting question. The reason that ink cartridges are so expensive is that that is where companies such as HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother etc. make all their money. They make practically nothing on the printer and then lots on the cartridges. Known as a subscription model. You can also buy compatible cartridges such as print rite for almost the same cost as a refill. Checkout http://cartridges.com.au/ to see a full list of compatibles.

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