Apple’s iPad Out On April 3. You Buying?

When Apple’s iPad was first introduced, I was impressed. I thought to myself, man, stop me from being tempted to buy one. Well, almost. After reading what its specifications and features were, I was disappointed. The number 1 feature being that there is no USB slot.

People may complain and groan about this one but what can we do? There are many rich people in the world and they will still buy the iPad. And Apple does not care. If they do, they would have added a USB slot on it, right? This just goes to show that on their end, their mentality is like “we decided on this and there’s nothing you can do about it. But we know you will still buy one because it’s cool”.

I would advise you not to for now. Apple is notorious for shelling out newly released gadgets at ridiculous prices only to suddenly lower them the next year while releasing new versions of them with features that were not included in the first release. Pretty irritating right?

So come April 3, 2010, it would be better to hold on to your pockets and wait till the next iPad release will really impress you.

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