Who Wants To Buy sex.com?

I remember the very first time the internet was introduced to me, one of the very first sites that I checked out was sex.com. I was pretty curious what was inside that website. That same curiosity kicked in when I was first exposed to a short porn flick called gasprt (anyone remember this). That time, I never thought about domains being valuable in today’s time. Domains like sex.com pretty much can get you big bucks if you sell it today.

And well, it actually is for sale now. It will go up for auction next week after the previous owner defaulted on its debts. Escom LLC paid a reported $14 million for the Web site in 2006. But the company failed to repay debt owed to DOM Partners LLC, the New Jersey-based lender that helped finance the deal.

It was reported that this site used to rake in thousands of dollars every day in revenue. Imagine that! I would be even happy if my site can rake in a hundred bucks per day. Whoever will buy this could be the next lucky guy or company.

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