One Pair Of 3D glasses To Rule Them All

The good news about the 3D TVs coming out this spring and summer is that they will come packed with two pairs of 3D lenses. The bad news? Those plastic glasses work only with the brand of TV with which they’re shipped.

Now that just sucks. If you have a Sony 3D TV, you cannot use those same glasses on another brand’s 3D TV. This is because each TV brand has a sensor that picks up a signal from the corresponding brand of glasses. But the way I see it, is just a strategy for these makers not to let people really enjoy the fruits of having a 3D TV.

However, one company that makes 3D eyewear, XpanD, has staked its claim to be the vendor of choice for brand-agnostic 3D glasses. It is aiming to be the provider of one pair of glasses that people buy once and use everywhere. Now that is more like it. Now people will not have to buy glasses for each TV brand just so they could use it if they go to their friends’ place who do not have the same TV brand as they.

Gunnar Optiks, which makes glasses that reduce eyestrain induced by staring at a computer screen all day, has also said it plans to make universal 3D glasses. Now that is more like it! Competition is always good. If there would be monopoly, not everyone will be able to afford it because prices would be high.

Photo from CNET.

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