Skinput Turns Your Body Into A Touch Screen

A futuristic possibility. Microsoft researchers have developed technology to turn your skin into a touch screen. It is called Skinput which uses acoustic signals that travel through the body to track touch and movement. It could eventually replace touch screen phones where your palm could do everything an iPhone could do.

If you consider your palm and fingers provide about as much surface area as a iPhone screen, you might begin to wonder if we shouldn’t just use that as the touch screen surface. That is what they think about that logic. The device is worn strapped around the bicep and projects an input interface onto the forearm or hand.

There are already videos released by Microsoft shown to be used to play retro games like Tetris and Frogger on a user’s hand. The technology could also be used to make a new kind of wearable music player, maybe with no buttons at all, using the skin as the finger input canvas. Then you could tap your fingers to advance to go to a particular song.

The prototype technology was still in its testing stage and needed to be refined before a wider release. A good step in the right direction for Microsoft. Photo by Chris Harrison. You can also check the video below.

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