Jak And Daxter For PSP

Next game up for me after Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks … Jak and Daxter for PSP. I have never played any Jak or Daxter game in any other console other than this so this was my first time to see what Jak and Daxter was all about. In this PSP game,  the story follows on from the last few games in the series.

This time around, Jak, Daxter, and Kiera set off on a quest to fix the eco shortage, which is threatening the survival of the world. Eco is the mystical substance that permeates the heroes’ world and provides energy to its life forces. This eco thingy would in part be useful to Jak in later parts of the game.

It plays a big part in Jak’s abilities in the form of powers that he picks up along the way. Red eco produces a giant red ball of energy that can take out a large number of enemies at a time; yellow eco gives Jak a jetpack and allows him to jump higher; blue eco temporarily slows down time; green eco lets Jak build temporary structures to help him cross difficult terrain.

The game play has other interesting types as well like you controlling Jak’s ship and flying off to destroy enemies in the air. It has even got a turbo booster control for speeding and a break to slow your ship for better maneuvers.

So far so good … this action adventure is pretty fun to play plus Daxter’s humorous character personality all the more makes this enjoyable.

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