Kiss Your Old Phone System Goodbye

Yes, you can get the same VOIP phone system used by fortune 500 companies at affordable rates. VOIP is not something cheap. You need fast broadband connections, some phone equipments and you have to make sure you maintain it in tip top shape. Sounds like a hassle right?

With Vocalocity’s VOIP service, hassle is non existent especially if you are a startup because Vocalocity caters to small businesses. You only need to use their Business VoIP service anytime, anywhere. No need for hardware maintenance and extra costs. You can save a lot! They also let you design your own phone system according to your preferences. Just answer a few simple questions and it will generate a resulting design for you in real time including calculating total possible monthly costs.

If you are new to the world of VOIP and have no idea how or where to start, you can request a free consultation from them. Answer a few questions and their consultants will send you a customized proposal in no time.

What is advantageous with Vocalocity is that their own their own hardware. This means if something goes wrong, their expert staff will tackle the problem right away saving valuable time. If the equipments were leased, they would have to rely on someone else to fix the problems.

Vocalocity makes use of the power of VOIP to power small businesses. Why, if VOIP was never possibe, talking online would never be possible. People will have to use the traditional way to call other people up through mobile phones. But VOIP changed everything … and made life for everybody easier. Now people can collaborate and talk online at the same time and it is all thanks to VOIP.

With Volacity’s affordable, fast and reliable VOIP service, you can kiss your old phone system goodbye

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  1. I believe all small business should have business phone service. If you are one or two employee company or in business where all your staff is on the road, then you don’t really need a business line. Just get a Toll Free number and it will work on top of your staff personal cell phones. When they receive a call, it will indicate that it is a business call on their call display so they can answer it professionally. All your staff can have their own professional voicemail system. You can monitor how many calls are answered and missed. I have been usingbusiness phone service from telcan. Check them out at: Check out Check out Business Phone Service

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