I Want Starcraft 2!

Say what?!? Yes! I want Starcraft 2! When I went home for the Holy Week last week I got the chance to play Starcraft 2 Beta in my brother’s PC. The graphics were just awesome plus there were a bevy of new units. I did not try all of the race, just the Terran side since that is my favorite.

The Goliath was surprising. From mobile AT-ST Walker-like Star Wars to gigantic robot with super powered arsenals. The Battlecruisers remained the same although they move pretty slow. Plus the supply depot’s feature of laying flat on the ground to allow units to move over them is a huge advantage. I also was surprised to see its Bunker having an upgrade to accommodate up to 6 marines.

The beta version’s artificial intelligence is dumb which is a good thing for newbies and even for old Starcraft players to get acquainted with the new units and upgrades that are available in the sequel. I definitely am going to get a copy of this for the Mac once it comes out.

This is a very awesome game that Blizzard has created.

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  1. actually, i was told there is a mac version out for beta testing but it is not cracked. i only got to play it in the windows version.

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