Scrabble For iPad

When I saw this image, I was pretty impressed. EA did more than just maximizing the iPad’s capabilities. It also took advantage of the iPhone and created an application that could communicate with the iPad by acting itself as a tile rack.

Scrabble, the simple word boardgame where players must create and connect words for points offers iPhone owners the chance to hook multiple devices together to play as realistically as possible. An iPhone app named Scrabble Tile Rack, allows you and your friends to use your iPhones as the tile racks that hold the seven letters per player, and gather around the iPad as the board.

It even has a Scrabble dictionary and includes all the play moves for players like shuffling tiles and exchanging tiles. To place a tile onto the iPad’s Scrabble board, players can just swipe the tiles from their iPhone onto the iPad. This Scrabble game for the iPad is very impressive that I just had to write about it.

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  1. What’s wrong with paying 13$ for the regular game instead of… X iPhones and an Ipad for several hundreds of dollars?

    This is just ridiculous

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