Microsoft Kin One & Kin Two – A New Breed Of Social Phones

Here are two mobile phones that focus on a different niche: social networking. Kin One (photo 1) and Kin Two (photo 2) are a duo of multimedia phones with a strong focus on social networking. Both of them use a customized Windows Phone 7 interface where online social interaction is central. So if you are a Facebook addict, then hands down, this phone is just the right one for you. Or is it not?

From GSMArena: The new Kin phones are set to provide a “deeply social” experience on the same platform that will bring us the first Windows Phone 7 phones. In contrast to Windows Phone 7 phones, the whole user experience will be entirely personal revolving around social networking on the go. The homescreen of the KIN phones (called the Loop) is a never-ending story of the lives of your friends. Or as the UI design team puts it “the metaphor for KIN phones is a magazine”.

There is one disappointing thing with these phones: they lack a memory card slot and that is a pretty big limitation in my point of view. To counter this limitation, the phones make use of Kin Studio – an online sync service that backups (and even shares) your phone’s photos and videos, messages, call history, etc. But, it still sucks because you are forced to have to use their online service just to do sharing even though its focus is on the social networking side, there should have been a memory card slot placed into these phones.

What do you think?

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