I recently stumbled upon a new mobile chat and text dating site for singles (attention singles!) called TextNDate. While this may look like a social networking site, there is more to it than just chatting. Registration is free but there is one important requirement when doing so. You need to input your mobile number and select a carrier. Simply put, this service is sms dating via your cellphone.

Browsing through the various listings is as easy as 1-2-3. You can use the search form with a number of options to choose from like age and gender and your target gender listing. Each entry comes complete with visual photos and a short description like age and location but once you are logged in, more details are available including the option to text message the person you are interested to communicate with.

To give you a heads up, this is a service available to wireless subscribers 18 years of age and up in the United States. There are singles in their area looking to chat and date so for those lonely hearts or just about anyone interested in dating and meeting new people, this is a good place to start, search for people that match one’s interests.

The listings include hundreds of beautiful and sexy singles. Believe me when I say beautiful and sexy. Majority of them are very attractive. Too good to be true? Unconvinced? Browse the site and see for yourself. Oh yeah, I only surfed the women’s section, got no interest in the men’s listing ha ha! TextNDate’s service works the same way as in other mobile dating sites but they always have something unique and different from the others. In this case, I would say the number of single ladies who are members of this network.

Connect with singles anytime, anywhere!  Check out your fellow singles. Check out TextNDate!

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