Where The Fastest Internet In The World Is …

So I thought the fastest internet speeds can be found in South Korea. I read an article in Arstechnica that the home for the fastest average Internet speeds on earth is in Berkeley, California. This information comes courtesy of the most recent State of the Internet report from Akamai Technologies, which collects and analyzes a unique data set of worldwide speeds and IP address usage.

When all of the company’s speed data was sorted by city, three US locations top the list before South Korea and Japan begin to dominate. Those three spots are Berkeley (average speed: 18.7Mbps), Chapel Hill, North Carolina (average speed: 17.5Mbps), and Stanford, California (average speed: 17.0Mbps). The next US city on the list is Durham, North Carolina (average speed: 13.6Mbps) in eighth place, followed by Ithaca, New York; Ann Arbor, Michigan; College Station, Texas; Urbana, Illinois; Cambridge, Massachusetts; University Park, Pennsylvania; and East Lansing, Michigan.

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