McAfee Antivirus Program Goes Berserk, Freezes PCs

If your PC is running the corporate version of McAfee AntiVirus and you just recently updated its virus definition list, do not be surprised if in case your PC locks up. McAfee confirmed confirmed that a software update it posted at 9 a.m. Eastern time caused its antivirus program for corporate customers to misidentify a harmless file. It has posted a replacement update for download.

McAfee said it did not appear that consumer versions of its software caused similar problems. It is investigating how the error happened “and will take measures” to prevent it from recurring, the company said in a statement.

In many offices, personal attention to each PC from a technician appeared to be the only way to fix the problem because the computers weren’t receptive to remote software updates when stuck in the reboot cycle. That slowed the recovery.

A user’s first impression if this happened would really be a virus. Even I would think so too. Cases like this happen sometimes. Other antivirus softwares also had mishaps like BitDefender, which locked up PCs running several different versions of Windows last month.

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